157 Clark Street, Vestal, NY 13850 (Google Map »). Sunday Mornings at 10 A.M.

Mom’s of Young Ones

There are many seasons in life where things feel busy, even out of control, and with time those seasons come to an end.  They may be different for everyone but there is one season that is unique to a special group of people.  It’s the season of being a mom with young children.  Whether working outside of the home, or a stay at home mom, this season is a flurry of activity.

All too often there isn’t a sense of reward, because the investment that you are making in the lives of your children may take years to see.  BUT KNOW THIS.  God sees what you are doing and it is a noble cause; one taken far too casually by too many.

This special season can provoke many emotions; often loneliness, sometimes guilt about whether you’re doing enough or the right things.  How to prioritize and keep God where He belongs in your life can be a challenge.  BUT, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Join the Mother’s of Young Ones at STFLC on Wednesdays for a time of great fellowship, the study of something from God’s Word that will enhance your life and parenting and build relationships that can last a lifetime.

Fellowship begins at 9:30am, prayer and sharing at 10am with the group finishing around 11:30am.  Gatherings take place at Southern Tier Family Life Church in the Family Life Building at 157 Clark Street, Vestal, NY  13850.  For more information contact Brigit Sorrells at brigitsorrells@gmail.com