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Dare to Compare-The Outrageous Claims of Jesus

In this third installment of Dare to Compare, Pastor Joe Coudriet looks at The Outrageous Claims of Jesus.  

Jesus could only have been one of four things: a legend, a liar, a lunatic–or Lord and God.

There is so much historical and archeological evidence to support His time on earth that  He was not just a legend. If Jesus were a liar, why would He have lied His way to His death when a few smooth words or influential statements would have allowed Him to ‘beat the rap?’  And, if He were a lunatic, how was He able to confound the wise of the day, endure the betrayal and abandonment of His friends yet show His love for humanity by completing His mission?

Jesus Christ said He was Lord and God. The evidence supports that claim. So, what were the claims of Jesus and why are they considered so outrageous?  Listen to the message and decide for yourself!


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Apr 16, 2017 Dare to Compare-The Outrageous Claims of Jesus Listen Download