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What Gift are You Bringing?

In this message, What Gifts are You Bringing, we’ll consider why ‘wise men’ from the East risked all to ‘lay down’ before the young Jesus and ‘worship’ Him and why they brought precious gifts.

These gifts had value. The magi and their caravan travelled long distances and undoubtedly endured many hardships to see the King.

These guys weren’t even born again, yet they travelled 550 miles by camel to see Him.

They brought themselves. They put their lives of entitlement on hold. They brought their gifts. The precious nature of their gifts and the sacrifice they endured, increased the value of the gifts that they brought.

Here’s the question. What are you and I bringing to Jesus today? What are we bringing to Him this Christmas season?

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Dec 10, 2017 What Gift are You Bringing? Listen Download