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Weddings/Premarital Preparation

At the heart of STFLC is the idea that family is one of God’s greatest institutions and it begins when a man and women are joined together by the church in marriage before God.   STFLC recognizes that marriage is an institution established by God for men and women and does not embrace the evolving mores of today’s culture.

Because of its importance, couples desiring marriage in the church should contact the ministry offices as soon as they become engaged.  The church is prepared to provide, at no charge, 8-10 sessions of pre-marital preparation designed to equip couples with the tools to lead an overcoming marital life.


Through the love of Christ and the ministry of the Word, we are here to walk with you side by side during these trying times. We are here for you; to extend loving Christian care and concern for members of Southern Tier Family Life Church who are coming to terms with the loss of a loved one and going through the grieving process.

Funeral Service

In the event of the loss of a loved one, contact our office for prayer and guidance. We are in a position to help.


Bereavement care is here to follow-up with you after the funeral services are over. We recognize that the grieving process takes time — and we want to help you through the process. We offer members of Family Life Church continued prayer and support through these difficult times. If you and your family are facing the loss of a loved one, don’t go through it alone. Call us today at 607.205.8896.