157 Clark Street, Vestal, NY 13850 (Google Map »). Sunday Mornings at 10 A.M.


Here at STFLC we desire to have an intimate encounter with God through the power of worship. Our worship is definitely not what you’ll find in some huge arena with laser lights and fog machines. What we do have, in our new simplicity, is the presence of God. Our main objective with our worship is to point all eyes towards Christ and allow the congregation to experience His love through the bond of worship. We were created to worship Him and become “living sacrifices” and our goal is that the worship we express on Sundays will not just end there but will continue on throughout the week in the hearts of the people that join us for our services.

As a new church, we are being faithful with the gifts that God has provided and using the vessels that He has put in our midst.  We’re not looking for great musicians and vocalists; although we have them.  We desire to grow our worship experience with people who are sold out in their love of and service to the Lord.  When that happens, beautiful worship is the by-product.

Currently, our worship is led by Jared Campbell. For nearly 15 years Jared has been on the area Christian music and worship scene.  Prior to being a part of the church planting team at Southern Tier Family Life Church, Jared and his wife Meridee were members at Abundant Life Christian Center in Syracuse.  Jared plays the acoustic guitar and sings.

Accompanying Jared is Nick Wan.  A recent graduate of Binghamton University, Nick was also a member of Abundant Life Christian Center.  His musical versatility, combined with his love of God is both integral and inspirational.  Nick accompanies Jared vocally as well as playing the djembe drum and keyboards.  He not only plays with passion but provides valuable leadership insight from the perspective of a young professional.

Of course today, people have expectations of worship that include projecting our voices and amplifying our instruments to be conducive to our surroundings.  In our current facility that means that we need the assistance of top quality sound management.  Handling that area is Mike Wan, a college student and techno-wiz that runs the computer, sound mixing equipment and other technical needs of the ministry.  Mike, like his brother Nick, was a member of Abundant Life Christian Center in Syracuse for 16 years.

Together, we are committed to staying true to what worship is really all about.  We understand that worship is not about us or even the music but it’s about giving God our hearts in complete surrender and praising Him for His majesty and holiness. The song “Heart of Worship” sums it up perfectly… “When the music fades and all is stripped away and I simply come longing just to bring something that’s of worth that will bless Your heart…I’ll bring You more than a song.”  Worship is not just a one-time weekly event but an expression of our everyday life. If we can train and teach the people of STFLC what an intimate relationship with God is like on Sunday morning then we are confident they will take that with them wherever they may go.