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Mar 26, 2017 #thegoodbook-Line Upon Line In this message; #thegoodbook-Line Upon Line, Pastor Joe Coudriet shares how we can dissect the Word of God using the tools available to us and how we can gather in the ‘richness’ of the entirety of the Word.  Understanding the Listen Download
Mar 19, 2017 #thegoodbook-Rightly Dividing the Word Because the Word is powerful and ‘sharper than any double edged sword, there is always value in reading it. But, as long as we have a ‘sword’ out, why not learn to ‘cut’ a little deeper to explore the richness Listen Download
Mar 5, 2017 #thegoodbook-Don’t take ME out of context. In this message  we will be building a little bit higher, or deeper depending on how you look at it, upon our series #thegoodbook. A lot of troubles occur when believer’s try to converse about the Word of God with other Listen Download
Feb 26, 2017 #thegoodbook-Be Like the Berean’s In this second installment of #thegoodbook series Pastor Dawn Coudriet talks about an addiction that has had control of her for nearly 30 years.  It’s the kind of addiction that not only hasn’t caused her harm, but has in fact Listen Download
Feb 19, 2017 #thegoodbook-The Veracity of the Word In this first message in this new series, thegoodbook, Pastor Joe Coudriet looks at the major objections used by people to attempt to delegitimize the Bible.  Believer’s in Jesus Christ can not only read the Bible, but develop an ever increasing Listen Download
Jan 22, 2017 Israel at 70 and it’s role in prophesy. Whether an archeological discovery, a terror plot, a rift at the United Nations or a squabble between differing political opinions the nation of Israel rarely leaves the front page. In 2018 Israel will be 70 years old as a modern Listen Download
Jan 15, 2017 Adjusting Your Focus for Faith “Faith is not an option in 2017,” said Mike Williams in his message, Adjusting Your Focus for Faith.  In this message we’ll see that by focusing our faith we’ll be able to accomplish more for God’s glory than merely focusing Listen Download
Jan 8, 2017 Obedience-One Key to an Amazing Restart On January 1, Pastor Joe Coudriet talked about 7 Steps to having an Amazing Restart. Today’s message will look at 1 of those steps, OBEDIENCE, as a primary key to both demonstrating our love for God and inspiring, through the Listen Download
Jan 1, 2017 Amazing Restarts It’s a new year and it’s full of new opportunities for everyone that is in Christ.  Wherever you are in life, no matter how high or how low you might feel, you have the opportunity to have an amazing restart. Listen Download
Dec 25, 2016 Jesus is Born In this Christmas day message, Pastor Joe Coudriet brings The Born Series to a close with the name above all names; JESUS.  Because of the birth of Christ, those that make Him their Lord and Savior are no longer orphans, Listen Download