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Nov 19, 2017 Thanks A Lot! You can quote all the scripture you want. You can repeat and repeat verses until you hyperventilate. But, until you go to God in prayer, with THANKSGIVING, based on an absolute belief that the answer is already there in HIM, Listen Download
Nov 12, 2017 Authority of the Believer in Prayer Prayer that produces results are possible when a believer not only knows that he/she is ‘born again,’ but also know that they are seated together in heavenly places in Christ.  Understanding that the effectiveness of the believer in prayer does Listen Download
Nov 5, 2017 Effectual, Fervent Prayer Just because you throw a lot of prayers heavenward doesn’t mean that they are going to be answered.  Elijah, according to the Apostle James, was a ‘man like us’ but he said it would not rain and it didn’t.  He Listen Download
Oct 29, 2017 The Circle of Prayer In this message, The Circle of Prayer, Pastor Dawn Coudriet leads us through an understanding of what Jesus meant when He said; “In this manner, therefore, pray:” (Matt. 6:9 NKJV)  We’ll see from the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ that Jesus was describing Listen Download
Oct 22, 2017 Prayer-From Penance to Passion Prayer-From Penance to Passion.  In this first of the series by the same name, Pastor Dawn Coudriet shares some of the HOT principles of developing a prayer life that is not monotonous or drudgery but full of passion and results. Listen Download
Oct 15, 2017 Light’s in the Darkness When you close your eyes and think of Jesus, what is the image that you see?  Some see Jesus as a baby in a manger.  Other’s see Him as a young boy, teaching in the temple with His anxious parents Listen Download
Oct 8, 2017 Together! Life in Christ is full of choices and full of things that are optional.   Asking Jesus into your heart as Lord is critical for salvation.  But, after that Christians can make all kinds of choices, good and bad.  Some Listen Download
Sep 24, 2017 “Gift’s that DO!” We’re not just supposed to be ‘hearers’ of the Word, but ‘doer’s.’  One of the most visible manifestations of the Spirit of God in action in the lives of believer’s are the “Gift’s that DO;” faith, gifts of hearings and Listen Download
Sep 17, 2017 Gifts that See-Pt II In Gifts that See-Pt II, we’ll consider the tandem gifts of Diverse Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues and see how God uses these in the church to build His body.  The Apostle Paul said “…in the church I would rather Listen Download
Sep 10, 2017 The Person of the Holy Spirit A minister, speaking about the Holy Spirit, said; “If you know who He is, then you’ll know what He does.”  In this message; “The Person of the Holy Spirit,” Jeff Masella talks about the person and nature of the Holy Listen Download